Welcome to the home of Digital virtual Graphics.

What is the meaning of Digital virtual Graphics?

The meaning of Digital virtual Graphics is mostly that I create virtual graphics with digital software to share my art. It is a random story really…

I am an employed graphic designer at a local printing company in Ermelo, Mpumalanga. And I know a thing or two about editing and creating images from an idea. Anyway, before we do anything at work. There has to be a design fee paid.

the artBut, I am doing freelance work on this network. What is meant by this is that you can Contact Me with what you would like me to create. Then I will be reaching out to you with more information.

I have a diploma in photography. But I am a bloke who loves getting the “write” to capture photos before capturing photos. I also edit already taken photos when having permission from the creator, editor or the owner of the photograph to use the work.


 I am also a Google Webmaster who can make your photo, product or service visible on Google or whatever search engine you use. Anyway,

This network is where I display my creations… It is also a network where you can get your FREE Work from Home instructions and ADVERTISE WITH DvG !!! I create CUSTOM images for this network. For you to share with your own network.

If you have a request for a photo, would like to share a question/story, would like to book a photo-shoot or would just like to get more information, then go “write” ahead and Contact Us...