Welcome to the home of Digital virtual Graphics.

Where you have the “write” to get your CUSTOM photos made.

Hierdie is ‘n vreemde netwerk waar jy die pen vashou en ek maak net soos die pen sê. Ek is ‘n vryskuts grafiese ontwerper wat goed maak en publiseer op die netwerk vir bloodstelling. PS, die netwerk is maar Engels alhoewel ek Afrikaans sprekend is.

DvG: you have the “write”

My naam is Divan en ek is ‘n VRYSKUTS Grafiese Ontwerper wat UNIEKE fotos, logos, flyers, posters en nog vele meer maak… I edit photographs when having permission from the owner… This network is a digital magazine where you have the “write” to SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE whatever you would like, by giving me the permission “write” to create your graphic and share your story. Anonymous or not… It’s all up to you

Face of DvGThis network is based on our slogan; get your CUSTOM photos done here: DvG productions

The meaning of the slogan is that you can get a freelance image made via this network. If you are interested to get some CUSTOM work done. Then you can Contact Us via email: with what you would like me to create. And I will be reaching out to you with more information.


I am a Google Webmaster who can make your photo, product or service visible on Google or whatever search engine you use. Anyway, this network is Proudly South African… It is also a network where you can get your FREE Work from Home instructions !!!