Would you like to get your own STD photograph on our network?

To get a STD photograph is as easy as sending a email, with your photographs and a bit more information about yourself.



get your CUSTOM photos done here – DvG productions

I know this might sound a bit random. But I guarantee that I will be able to make some changes to your photograph. All I need is your permission to do CUSTOM work to your photograph.

I can change the color of your clothes. Remove something or add another something to your photo.

The possibilities are endless. Therefore, if you would not mind me mixing things up in your photo. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us for more information.

Or, if you are familiar with my work, then forward your photo to write@dvg109.com and then keep a lookout for new posts on the network. Or better yet, why don’t you SUBSCRIBE ON THE NETWORK for updates of new posts via email…


get your CUSTOM photos done here – DvG109

PS, I hate random emails as much as the next bloke. I guarantee that I will not be adding your email to any random mailing list. Or that I will be sending anything other than updates of new posts… Then you have the “write” to unsubscribe when ever you want. There will be a unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.