I have a diploma in photography from Shaw Academy and I hate capturing snapshot images… I believe a photograph should be planned before the shutter clicks. Sure, some photos aren’t always planned exactly but this is where the art of understanding the photograph come in.



A perfect photograph has so much more that a beautiful model. Oh, and when I talk about a Model then I usually mean the subject in the photograph.

I have a studio where I like to plan photos before capturing the images. But I do capture photos on location as well. “Some blokes do not like the studio idea.”

If you would like to be a DvG Model on our network then go “write” ahead and Contact Us for your booking.

We also have a competition where you can win a CUSTOM photo-shoot at the DvG Studio. The competition is called Face of DvG and the competition is about yourself. It is your post on the network where I will be editing your photographs with your name and surname attached to the photograph.

The competition is being judged by the amount of hits that your post creates on our network.