PDF or Word

Well, I sell PDF or Word files via email from R300 when requested. The cost depends on the file and time it took to create it.

A PDF file is a Portable Document Format file…

If you have designing software then you can ungroup the object to make modifications as you would like. However, the file will be converted to curves before made into the portable file. This is being done if you would like to make changes in the exact file and you aren’t sure how to search for fonts. Then you can still Contact Us to make the modification on the file.


I can create a letterhead or footer for word. For you to be able to edit the file yourself.

The file can be used to create payslips or even random letters. Sorry, I do not use the format for any of my services. Therefore I do not know much. Although I did study the subject with marketing but I never really took the subject that seriously because I wanted to be a designer…


get your CUSTOM photos done here – DvG109

LMAO, little did I know that the designing does help in the creation process of the files. However, I will capture a screen-grab for approval of the design. Then if I receive notification that the amount has been paid. Then I will forward the file…

If you would like to know more. Then you can go “write” ahead and send your message via email: write@dvg109.com