On location Photography can be arranged with DvG

If you would rather like photographs on location than in the studio. Then this can be arranged…


The art to me is to know that the creation is mine. And I would love to know what your plan is for photographs at your location. See, I have captured photographs with animals, moving objects, water, wind and a lot more. But every photo tells a different story. And I would like to be the one who helps create the story.

on location

get your CUSTOM photos done here – DvG productions

PS, I have been in a car accident a few years back and I can not remember things that well. Because I had brain damage. And this network is where I have the ability to write and share whatever weird thing that comes to mind. And although some of the stuff do not really make sense sometimes. It did during the time of writing…

But I am getting off topic now. And all that I would like to share with this page. Is that I do not only take studio shots.

LOL, this reminds me of a lass who reached out to me after I have done a shoot with another lass on a farm. And the girl seemed so mad because I haven’t done the shoot in a studio. That I thought that she maybe wanted to book a shoot, so I asked. And the lass has been so rude: “No, I do not have the time nor want your work.”

So why the random outburst of me doing a something different? LMAO…

Well, I do not like capturing images without a plan. Therefore, go “write” ahead and Contact Us with whatever you’re planning.