Face of DvG is FOD and it is my way of getting the “write” to edit your photos

Would you like to be our FOD, be seen and share more about yourself on our network? “This means that you can ADVERTISE WITH DvG for free!”

#just4funFace of DvG is our competition where you send your Self-Shot images with your information for me to create a FREE post for you. And the person who creates the most hits will be invited for a shoot at the DvG Studio

Your photograph will be edited. With your name and surname added to the image…



Let me know if you’d like to feature…

I would like to know more about you so the post can have a good SEO rating on the network. Therefore, please give more information about yourself when wanting to enter. For example: Hi, my name is Divan and I am the CEO of this network am also employed by a printing company in Ermelo where I am working a 9 – 5 day. I like photography and creating something new from an idea. I love the color green and I have respect for all kinds of art.


Because of working I will be attending to the network “your messages” when ever I get the chance. 

If you are planning to enter but would rather like a square design, then please let me know with your entry.

The CUSTOM photograph will be yours to save and do whatever you would like to do.

If you would like to enter. Then send your photographs and detail “about yourself and the photos” to write@dvg109.com