Well, This is my business card and I would like to tell you a little more of why it is designed like it is.


First of all, I am employed at a printing company. Therefore, I do know a bit about printing. Now, the black line “border” is the cut-line of the material. And the reason why I design the card with the overlap is so the card does not show white where it should be printed. Take a look at the design:

Business Card

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The card is in its original size. Exactly the way that I send the file to the printer. Except for the sizes that is being shown.

The reason why I am showing the sizes is for you to know more about the card.

Anyway, if you would like me to design a card for you, then go “write” ahead from our Contact Us page with more detail about what you would like to get.

Remember, I design freelance for you to save the file and do your printing wherever. But I do not like to copy other brands in a design if you do not really have permission to sell the product.

It is a random way of doing things. But I see it from a business owners point of view… I have talked to a bloke a while back that sells CUSTOM t-shirts. I told him that there is someone in Ermelo who is selling his products.

He did not know about it. And the prices where ridiculously high. So people did not visit his shop when in Ermelo, because people thought it’s so damn expensive. But if the products were purchased in the correct way, then it would have been the same price.

See, I do not want to help someone rip another person off, and that is exactly what has been going on.