I have attended the 2017 Farewell and the images will be published via video

I have been invited to capture photos at the 2017 Farewell. And this post is mainly to share what I do. And why I do not publish the work to our site.

I am a Graphic designer and Photographer who does things when having the “write”


Farewell 2017


Why I do not publish the images to social media networks is because it does not advertise our network. And the reason why I do not publish the images here is because of the cost for storage.

Anyway, I will be publishing the images in a video format to the network. The video will show the edited images, I do work on all my images. Enhancing the Brightness, Contour and Intensity. The photographs will be going to the to Corlia via copy disc and will be available from Corlia…

“I’m not sure if she’s planning on selling the images”

Well, let me share a little more of how I capture images. Firstly, I SHOOT MANUAL and I have a diploma in photography. However, lots of Graphic designers gets known for photography because they can edit an image. Well, I can do mostly anything you tell me to, but then there will be a cost to it. I capture my images in color and if color doesn’t fit the image. Then I change to Monochrome… See, it is easy to correct an image for a specific use but the art is in capturing the image… Knowing where and how the photograph has been captured.

If you would like to know some more about my service. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email: write@dvg109.com

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