Welcome to the home page of Digital virtual Graphics where you have the “write” to SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE whatever you would like…

The network is a “magazine” and you are the writer. But you have to give me the permission to create your CUSTOM work.

Graphic design, Photography AND STUFF.

I am a Graphic designer who started Photography because of the fact that photographers do not like others using their work to make a name for themselves. So I purchased my own camera to capture photos. But the love for photography didn’t stop there. I’ve started learning more about videos and purchased a video editing program. I am using YouTube to share the videos/creations with our network. If you would like to feature on our network then go “write’ ahead from our Contact Us page.


Win This CarMy name is Divan. I am the CEO of this network. I am also a photographer in Ermelo who does not like to capture or edit photos without having the permission “write” to do CUSTOM work with the photographs. However, I am a graphic designer who creates images freelance to advertise this network… Therefor, if you would like to see an image “or just share a random story, anonymous” on this network, then go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email: write@dvg109.com with more information of what you would like to discuss.

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If you have anything that you would like to SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE in this magazine, then go “write” ahead and tell us about it.