Join our Team and make some SERIOUS money…

Hello and welcome to the page of starting your own income, we are part of the BTC Global team… Anyway, we all need a bit of extra money and we all have our own reasons. My reason is that I do not like my job…

I love my job, I love creating things that other people want. It’s an amazing feeling. The thing is that the people who I work with. They make me dislike the job.

So, I decided to make an investment and things are growing day by day… The program is called BTC Global and I am sure this program will pay me to do the things I love. If you keep reading then you will see how to enter the program.


To register for btcglobal…

  • simply go to
  • click on “Join”
  • capture your email, username, password and ensure you write down exactly your username and password, your membership number (MN) so you don’t forget these.
  • click register, I think it will take you to a screen where you need to fund your investment.
  • You will be asked for your direct sponsor, click search button then type Divan van Greunen (MN111892) to choose me as your direct sponsor/up-line.
  • click on the “Pay with Bitcoins” button then follow screen flow and screen prompts
  • Make sure you write down exact bitcoins you need to pay and pay the exact bitcoin amount
  • System then waits until confirmations are done then it confirms your payment.
  • only once your bitcoin payment is confirmed and investment amount loaded against your profile, shows in BTCGlobal portal will you start earning the 2% daily interest.

If you have any questions, then go “write” ahead and Contact Us

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