Photography isn’t just to aim and shoot… Well, to me it isn’t. It’s also not about editing an image. On this page I will be sharing my journey into the creative world.


To shoot manual means that I plan my photograph before capturing it. To know about the settings of the camera. But, when I have started my photography then I did not have a clue about all these settings. And I have been shooting AUTO. To me a photograph were a design.

I’ve started my Photography with a Nikon D3000 camera. “I’ve bought a special package, where I’ve received the body and two lenses. “one 18-55mm and one 55-200mm”

I saved up to build this studio. And I have made some modifications during the years. Like adding a cement flour, raising the roof and adding an extra room where models can change.

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Anyway, I do not own any props and would like my models to bring their own ideas. Book your shoot from R300 to be a DvG Model where you will be seen on our network.

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