Do You Remember Our Old Logo?

Not much thinking has gone into the creation of our old logo. HAHA, so-called Graphic design… But what the logo really were is the copy of the font and making some color changes. Oh yes, and adding the lightning bolt because it looked good.

Then I have created our magazine, DvG…

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The magazine has been a Facebook project. But the magazine didn’t get that many likes as what I would have hoped for. So the magazine didn’t last that long, before it merged with my main DvG productions Facebook page – and this is how our network have started. Mainly because I have wanted to create my own Facebook “Although I am still working on this.” and hopefully we will be able to get something sorted with a few of the big guys in the networking world. 😉 If you would like to know a little more. Then I would love for you to Contact Us.


I am still editing images, FREELANCE and not always for the network. If you have an image that you would like me to edit, then forward the photos to write@dvg109.com