Johnie’s Shisa Nyama

The owner of┬áJohnie’s Shisa Nyama is a friend who you can contact for any braai need. However, this is my post to share how I have created this image. First of all, the idea has been Johns and all I did was to put his idea together. He sent me the image of the “evolution” and asked me to add his name to it.

I have created something and sent it to him.

Where he have replied with what colors he would like. What font he like and I made some changes to the design. The image has been edited and is now what he is using to advertise where he’ll be in Ermelo…

Anyway, I said that I will tell you a bit more of the design. And really, there’s not much to say. Unless that I have used the shadow tool and I have created a bitmap in the vector design.

If you would like to start a business or just want to have a random image made. Then please Contact Me to create your image.


I do not use photographs in my designs without having the “write” to use the work…