I design FREELANCE for hits on our network

This network is all about the hits… “as well as the art.” And what I am trying to do with the network, is to advertise for others and to create more art. Creating more will bring in more hits.

To receive more hits means that I can see that the network is doing good and that more people are starting to take note about my work.

Well, I design freelance. And what it means to design freelance “for me” means that I am allowed to advertise with the work. In this case it is the network. I will be able to post the design to the network and share my story about creating the image. That is what freelance means to me. It is not to create things without having a reason to create the work.

get your CUSTOM photos done here – dvg109


Contact Us with your request…

I am in South Africa and this network is Proudly South African and I would like to share more of South Africa. Therefore, please go “write” ahead and Contact Us to create and share your business…


I am the CEO of this network... I am also a graphic designer and photographer for the network...

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