Graphic design

Graphic design

I DESIGN FREELANCE and in VECTOR. I export my work into the desired format… “JPG, PNG or PDF if requested” To get something CUSTOM on our network. Only takes as much as a message from our Contact Us page… View the next video of how I’ve created a random ball thingy…

PS, I am Afrikaans…

get your CUSTOM photos done here – dvg109

I design photos where I have the “write” from the photographer, designer or model… With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7. I am a LEGAL owner of the software.

Being a LEGAL owner means that I have purchased the product from CorelDRAW. And I have an Registered Product… Anyway, to design an image FREELANCE means that I can use the design to advertise our network. You can then share it with your network.

I have been an artistic bloke from a young age. Drawing on walls, paper and doing a few paintings. 🙂 And I have started doing CUSTOM work while being in service for a branding company. Where I have seen how people are doing things… *take a photo/picture and re-draw it so it can print the correct way.*

At first this has been so cool. But later when starting to do more it became a bit dull. 🙂 And I did not like taking photographers work from the internet. For free….

So, I do get ideas from the internet. But do not use the exact file in my designs.

I design logos. “Create them from scratch” I design tattoos. “if you’ve got an idea (in a photo format) then I can insert it into your photograph.” 😀

If you would like to know more about my designing style. And what else there is what I can do. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us.