Graphic design

Hello, and welcome to my Graphic design page. Where I will be trying to explain my design style. I am a Photographer with a diploma from Shaw Academy and being a Photographer has made me see so much more of the art. Meaning design and that a photo has so much to tell. But getting back to designing.


And vector “in my case” is with Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X7. And I design my graphics freelance, so I can insert our slogan to the photograph.

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The color of the CUSTOM might change from time to time. But this is what resembles my designs. Anyway, if you however want to get the slogan removed. Then you can go “write” ahead and Contact Us to purchase the image without the trademark.

So, if you have anything that you would like me to take a look at. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email:

DvG: you have the “write”