Face of DvG

Face of DvG

FOD is an online competition for you to stand a chance in being invited for a DvG Model shoot at DvG productions. Or if you aren’t able to come for a shoot then you can enter “Just for Fun”

It is a random competition for you to SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE whatever you would like about yourself. By getting a free post on this network with a CUSTOM photograph. With your name and surname, or/and nickname attached in the photograph.

Here you can view the standings for this months competition…

Send your selfie images with your name, surname, location and whatever you would like to SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE about yourself to dvg109@gmail.com

All images that’s being sent are saved. Therefore, please keep the entries new.

Then I will reply with more information. Or with your personalized link, the competition is being judged by the amount of views you get on your post. The photo will be the feature of the post, and sharing or liking the feature on social media does not count as a vote.


Please Contact Us if you would like some more information.