Company Profile

DvG is in fact Divan van Greunen… I’m a random, artistic bloke who has been born in Ermelo, Mpumalanga on 9 January 1989.

This is a random profile of how things started… I loved random arts and have always been amazed about the things/photos in magazines. So I’ve started drawing the photos and started to create photos with more than one photo/idea. This was in the late 1900s (so I’ve been a small bloke)  I’ve started graphic design in 2005 *more or less* So, in 2008 I’ve started a Facebook page where I could show my work to the world.

After a while of taking photographers work and giving them no credit I thought I can do this myself. (and a couple of random messages from photographers) So I’ve bought my first DSLR camera *Nikon D3000* in 2011 and after shooting AUTO for a bit I’ve met a few great photographers. So the knowledge about photography did start to grow. Watching tutorial after tutorial. The knowledge grew stronger and respect for others work grew even more.

The designing started with taking others work and editing the photo/creation by adding wording, random transparency objects etc. In st6 *Grade 8 – 2003* I’ve started editing a girlfriends photos. Adding her name, surname and removing a pimple, scar or any other random objects.

So the artistic train have left the station at a young age. I was using Photoshop for these editing but things happened and I’ve started designing with CorelDRAW in 2006 where I’ve started copying others work. “Copy Right” anyway, then things started to get random because it didn’t feel right to take others work from the internet.

So drawing with the computer started during these years.

I have been editing people’s work for years and photographers didn’t like giving their work to a designer. “I didn’t understand why” But I’ve saved enough to buy my first DSLR camera – Nikon D3000 and I’ve started shooting in AUTO because I didn’t know much and I’m a designer so I can fix any mistakes via computer.

I’ve been doing this for a while and have met a few awesome people “photographers” and they’ve been talking about random things like the Shutter-Speed, ISO and Aperture settings. So I’ve started doing a bit of research. Received some books and did a lot of browsing via the internet. I’ve then started shooting in A *Aperture mode* and then wanted to know more about creating a moving photograph. Because I’ve seen work from others and have always thought it’s an edit. So the S *Shutter-Speed mode* started and that was cool but then I’ve wanted to control both the setting in a photograph. So the M *Manual mode* started to take effect. And I’ve been shooting Manual ever since… “Don’t get me wrong, there’s times when I’m not in the mood for working out the ISO, Shutter-Speed or whatever the case may be because of light, shooting outdoor or just being lazy.”

Okay, so you’ve read what we’re all about and now we’d like to tell you a bit more about our products…

DvG is a virtual magazine published to our domain where it’s being shared with social networks… Because we are strong believers in the copy right law, we do get permission before publishing random stories… And the same goes for the photos.

All photos published to DvG are the property of DvG and if it’s not then we’ll tell you. *Read the fine prints*

So where does (you have the “write”) come from and what does it mean?

Being on the World Wide Web we know a thing or two about websites and graphics. So with the (you have the “write”) it says exactly what we stand for. You have the right to write… It’s a random idea because if you’re a designer/ artist, then you’ll know what’s meant with this. Drawing on people’s walls on Facebook or sending a random email. Go “write” ahead and Contact Us from the Contact Us page…