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This is our website where you can SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE whatever you would like. By giving me the “write” to create your work for the network. Your work will be a post on our blog for you to share as you would like.

You can do what you want with the content of the post.

The post will be yours and the amount of hits you get on the post is all up to you. This means that you will have to share the post. However, I will be sharing the content if I see a spike in our hits. Therefore, the post will be free but you will have to do some work for me to keep sharing the work.


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I am creating images for free on this network. And the content that’s shared will be your detail that has been given by you…

The thing with this network is that it is being managed by me and I am creating everything on the network. For me to see what is working on the network. I have to keep track about the hits that has been generated.

It all started with our Face of DvG competition but thing went downhill when I stopped editing images that much.

Because of knowing more about the art in photography…

I am a strong believer that all photographs have a story to tell. And I am trying to share the information about a photograph with every post on the network. Therefor, if you reach out via the Contact Us page then please say as much as you can if the content is at all post related. Someone will then reply with confirmation that we have received the message. I will be having a look at the messages when I have the time and reply if needed.

It has been years, okay!

Okay, I have no idea why I didn’t think about this years ago. But I have been in possession of this copy disc since the year 2006, but never thought of searching the video online, until last night. And I will be sharing the video with you on our network… And I will be sharing more information afterwards.


The video is from YouTube and it is what our network is all about. Knowing how to share and create things.

If you would like to SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE with DvG then go “write” ahead and Contact Us to create your CUSTOM work…


Die ding is dat daar minder plek is vir mix as jy die dop so gooi… Dan spaar jy jou mix en kan vir minder drink.


Wel, om die waarheid te sê is dat dit maar ‘n kak storie is. Jy drink ewe veel en spaar nie veel nie. Want drank is klaar nie meer baie goedkoop nie. Maar as jy drink om dronk te word is dit die beste manier om dinge te doen.

Anyway, ek het aan hierdie storie gedink terwyl ek hard aan die keier was op my eie in my eie huis se braai kombuis. “Soos Jan sal sê” en Ek deel maar die storie met die foto juis om te probeer sê dat ek fotos verniet ontwerp vir as ek die toestemming het om ‘n storie te deel met ons netwerk.

Die netwerk is ons aanlyn tydskrif en jy is die skrywer wat vir my die idee gee vir die foto ontwerp.


Dit wil sê dat jy soveel as moontlik inligting oor jou storie moet vertel, sodat ek kan dink oor hoe jy die ontwerp wil hê.

Jy kan my privaat kontak per epos:

Advertise with DvG from R300 if you have a logo, photos and a website.

I would like to activate a social network for you to Advertise with DvG by doing your own writing.

This means that you will have the power to create your own posts and groups.

But I am still working on this and until I am able to get this done. You have to tell me about your service, product or location that you would like to advertise.


You can Contact Me “write” from this post, when you keep scrolling down.

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Are you sick of not knowing where to get a CUSTOM photo made? Well, you are at the right place.

Have a look at the next couple of photos that’s been created for this post. And it is available for you to save and share as you want…

Anyway, I create images by using vector design software, in other words; Corel DRAW where I am a legal owner of the software.

get your CUSTOM photos done here – DvG productions

I can change the colors to what ever you request it to be… Have a look at the next couple of colored images… “same template,”

the template has been saved but if you request something different then it will be made.

Well, this is just a couple of sick images and last three has been made with random effects. And this can be recreated with your idea/need. Therefore, if you would like me to create something for you to share. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email:

PS, do not use a two letter subject or your message may be missed because of spamming reasons.

Is it good to own a property now a days?

Owning a property can cost a lot and having no tenants costs you money. And so does owning a blog…

Well, this is a random post about properties and my idea of making money. A lot of the older blokes believes you have to own some properties to be making money. I am not saying that this is a dumb thing to do.

I only think that owning a website is a much better option for making money.

The thing with a website is that you can sell things without people knowing about it. This is different from what I have read in the Rich Dad Pour Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki. But technology have changed since the book has been published. PS,

Don’t get me wrong!

I loved the book and it has thought me so damn much… But the things are changing a bit. And I am talking from what I have heard a couple of owners told me. About them struggling to get a tenant. And the battle to get hits on the website is about the same…

Anyway, this is a post mainly about starting your own blog and making some money. And I think the best way to make an income online is to own your own blog. I have linked a couple of banners on this post for you to get started as soon as possible. However, this is not an easy trade to get into. But, I guarantee that you will be making some money when you start your own blog.

Anyway, this network is where I display my graphics that has been designed by me. For you to save and do whatever you would like.

If you would like to share a random story with our network and get your own CUSTOM photo made. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us…

elke foto het ‘n storie

Kontak My met jou fotos en storie. En jy kan gesien word op ons netwerk. VERNIET !!!


Ek is ‘n grafiese ontwerper wat goed verniet ontwerp, as ek die reg het om dit met ons netwerk te deel. Maar ek is ook ‘n fotograaf wat weet dat daar meer agter elke foto is. Dus vra ek vir my Gesig van DvG om ‘n storie te deel wane sy ‘n nuwe unieke foto wil hê. Omrede die foto gepubliseer gaan word op ons netwerk. En elke foto is deel van ‘n webblad waar daar goedere gesê moet word.

Dit is sodat die webblad ‘n goeie punt moet kan maak.

Dit is wel ‘n bietjie vreemd maar dit is die lewe van as jy ‘n UNIEKE netwerk wil besit.

DvG: you have the “write”

Anyway, ek het wel genoem dat die post oor ons Face of DvG kompetisie ook is, maar ek het tog nie veel gesê oor die kompetisie nie. Nou-ja, dit is ‘n kompetisie waar jy ‘n UNIEKE foto sessie by ons studio kan wen. Deur jou selfies met meer inligting oor jouself en die fotos na te stuur. Waar ek dan jou UNIEKE foto en post vir die netwerk gaan maak. Die model wat die meeste “hits” op haar webblad behaal het sal genooi word vir ‘n foto sessie waar die model die fotos sal ontvang per cd. En dan sal die fotos gebruik word om ons netwerk te adverteer.

Bloemkrans B & B

Have a look at the Bloemkrans Bed and Breakfast in Ermelo, Mpumalanga…

We will be showing a map to plan your trip and we will give more detail afterwards.

You can even write them a email from this post.

PS, the location is still listed under the previous owners detail but we are working on getting this fixed…


You can get more information about them on their Business site: Bloemkrans or Contact Them from the next Contact Form:

If you would like to Advertise with DvG, then go “write” ahead and Contact Us.


This network is our magazine where you have the “write”

The magazine is virtual and is being updated when ever we receive new stories to publish.

With DvG it is up to you to give your story “and photos, if you have any.”

Then we have a look at your story and if it doesn’t offend any of the rules. Then we will be creating a CUSTOM photo to feature your story on our network. FOR FREE !!!


DvG: you have the “write”

If you aren’t really into the whole website and networking niche then this is the perfect solution for you to be found online.  Or maybe just to share a story that you would like to get off your chest.

You can ask to stay anonymous and we won’t give any detail about yourself in the post.

I am a Graphic designer who is using this network to share whatever I have the  permission “write” to share. And sometimes people do get offended by the things that is being shared. But usually it is from blokes who doesn’t read the full post.

Today during my first visit to Burger King I have over heard a lass not like to be called CHUBBY

So I walked up to the CHUBBY lass and said:

Contact Us with your story.

Nope, but thinking about it now. That would have been a memory she would never forget. LMAO, anyway. This has been my first visit to Burger King EVER! And I am impressed. A lot of blokes told me that they are so expensive, but the food there is great. Well, a Burger King has opened in Ermelo a while back and I never gotten the time to pay them a visit.

Anyway, this is a random little post just to share that I create CUSTOM photographs for this network for free.


If you would like me to share your story with a CUSTOM feature to better advertise the post. Then you can go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email: “I will be sharing the email at the end of this post” so I can  have a look at your message and reply if needed.

However, the email does have an auto response but I do read all messages. Except messages with a two letter subject.

You guys are a pain in the ass!

Contact Us to SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE whatever you want online…

If we create a post then it is shared with other online networks. And all social networks are is a form of advertising. And I know a thing or two about the World Wide Web, but this post isn’t about me. It is a post to share what I can do for your name, business or even just a “for fun post.


And my art is the knowledge to use some software, in this case it is Pinnacle Studio 21 and CorelDRAW X7. Programs where I have the “write” to create whatever you want me to create…

Accept tracing another companies work. Without the proper permission from the owner.

It is a touchy subject for me. Because people take work from the internet and call it their own without really knowing a thing about the work that has been done to create the work. But, I am a FREELANCE Graphic designer for our network and I create photos for free.

Contact Us for mote information…

When having the “write”

And the next image has been created without much thought. Accept having the being found ONLINE wording in mind. And what this should tell you is that you can SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE whatever you would like on this network. All you have to do is check our Contact Us page where you have the “write” to tell me what you would like to see on the network. Someone will reply to confirm that we have received the message. Then I will be the next person to view the message and give feedback.

Read The Post

If you read the post then you will know more about the photo and you won’t have to spread rumors. See, I have created a post about a story that has been shared with us. But I have been contacted by a model who’ve apparently been contacted by others who said that it is inappropriate. Now, I have said this in the past but for some reason. People do not understand the network at all.


read the post
Contact Us to write your post…

The story is that every post on the network has a little story attached to the photo. And I would really appreciate it if you click the link to read more about the photo before you contact another to complain about the picture. Anyway, this network is for you to SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE whatever you would like. By giving me the “write” to create a post for you on our network. It is free… Go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email: to share your story with a CUSTOM photo design…

Cheap Hotel

Looking to find a Cheap Hotel? You can have a look at the next promotion where you can get $100 off! Keep reading to view the link…


Cheap Hotels Worldwide SaleThis network is where we’re sharing information with a CUSTOM photo designed by our CEO for the network. If you would like to Advertise with our network. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us for more detail.

Het jy enige kaarte “pick-up-lines” om met ons netwerk te deel?

Hierdie kaarte storie was gedeel so deur die loop van die dag. Ek wou toe die storie vir myself epos vir ‘n herhindering oor die storie. Maar ek het toe heeltemal te besig geraak, en het dit toe taal en al vergeet. Maar vir een of ander rede het ek die storie onthou oppad huistoe.


Ek was vertel dat jare terug was daar ‘n bloke wat baie maklik geselskap kan kry van die skoner geslag. Maar op die snaakste maniere. Maar ek wil graag die een met jou deel…

Kontak Ons met jou storie…

Ek ontwerp fotos vir die netwerk vir jou om te deel met jou netwerk. En as jy ‘n storie wil deel of as jy op ons netwerk wil adverteer. Dan kontak my direk met jou Afrikaanse storie:

If you’re just browsing the network without really knowing what is being said. And you have a story to share. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email: