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Do you have a trend idea for our network?


Start a Trend, let me build your logo… FOR FREE

This trend is all about our free posts with a CUSTOM feature. It is called Graphic design and I create things FREELANCE.


If you have an idea for a company, logo design. Then go “write” Contact Us with more information about your request.

trendI design everything specially for the network. And like to share a story/photo with more detail of the creation in a post. Because of the SEO rating the post have.

Well, because I would like this post to have a better rating. I will share more about my designing style. I do not like to use jpgs in my designs, unless it is a Face of DvG entries. Where I ask you to tell me what colors you like. If you would like to have a border and then of coarse. You will get your name and surname inserted to the image. The color of the image may be changed and a few other thing will be done to your image.

If you would like to enter our competition or just to get a CUSTOM photo/logo designed and shared on our network. Then you can Contact Us via email: write@dvg109.com

DvG: you have the “write”

What’s the meaning of pad jack, Do You Know?

Pad Jack

I think Pad Jack is something about your mobiles buttons, or maybe it’s the screen. I have no idea but had a few blokes tell me that their mobile is Pad Jack.



Pad JackAnyway, I design random images freelance for our network. What this means is that you can Contact Us with your random story or question. Then, I will be having a look at your story and reply if there is anything that doesn’t really make sense.

I will be publishing the story/question anonymous, unless given permission to give your detail in the post.

If you have an image to help with the photo design, then please let me know.

DvG: you have the “write” – write@dvg109.com



I am a newbie in the trading word, and this is so much fun. Well, I’ve started trading with a few South African companies but didn’t have that much of a success story to tell. However, I am still busy with the programs. Because it is fun to keep browsing all the networks.


TEAMAnyway, as most of you know “or if you don’t” I am part of the BTC Global team, I have my own team as well. And would love for you to join our team. But, getting back to the story.

I am using Luno as my wallet and there is cost for having the account with them. But this is what the risk is really all about. It is to know what the cost for bitcoin is.

While trading with Steven Twain guarantee a 14% interest in your investment per week. “2% per day” It is still a risk but this risk is so much less. If you have a question about the network. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email: write@dvg109.com

Do you think Divan can be the FOD for February?


I am Divan, the CEO of this random network and I would like you to challenge me in this months FOD competition. Now, normally I do not enter myself into the competition. But this month we only have four entries…

So, now I am entering as well.

DivanAnd maybe this entry will inspire more models to enter the competition.

The competition is mostly about selfshot images but if you do not have any selfshots. Then you can enter by giving the detail of the photographer.

The photographer in my photos has been my mom and she used my Nikon D3000 with a tripod to capture the images.


If you would like to enter our competition… “get your name and surname added to your photos with a few CUSTOM things happening in the photo” Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email: write@dvg109.com

Pay Per Hour


I don’t charge per photo, I charge minimum R300 per hour. You will receive all the CUSTOM images via copy disc. The CUSTOM image is meant that the images will be enhanced to look better. The images will also be in color, or grey-scale. “in other words, black and white” I capture my images in these formats. I do not edit the images in color.

For example, the next image of myself is proper editing.


I edit FREELANCE for the network

As the caption on the image says. I edit freelance for the network. Meaning if I have your permission to advertise with the image then the edit will be free.


I capture my photographs in manual because I like to plan a photograph before the shutter is triggered.  Because the photograph is my art, not the editing… The editing does help a bit but capturing the perfect photo is why I do it.

However, if you would like some more information. Or if you would like to book a shoot at the DvG Studio. Then you can go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email: write@dvg109.com

Take a look at my friends Bad Peter

Bad Peter

Work on something different like Bad Peter… “I will be sharing the video in a bit” But first I would like to say that I am rethinking my own style of doing things.

I have seen that people take others work without asking. And this is a bit shit, but it is what the art is all about. And it is a style that only you have, or can create… Having people want to take your work is the reason why we create things. And I captured the next image at a show they did in Ermelo.

Bad Peter

get your CUSTOM photos done here

I did not share the images that much and didn’t edit the images that much. Because of people who’s using the work without asking. It is real stupid from my side. However, I would love to get back to creating things as requested. But still with love and respect for others.


Take a look at the Bad Peter Facebook page and check the guys who’ve made the video: 1988films

If you would like to Advertise with DvG then please Contact Us via email: write@dvg109.com

DvG: you have the “write”

If your child can capture a selfie then she/he is old enough to enter our competition


Well, this is our first child entry from a familiar face on our network. Chantelle Joubert, this is her daughter: Marchelle Joubert. She is 13 years young and like the color black.

childBecause this is our first child entry, I would like to share a bit more about our competition.

First, the Face of DvG competition is all about selfie images. Normally I didn’t allow images that’s been edited, but with all the mobile apps it’s impossible to get an original image.

Second, the photo is created CUSTOM with the information given by yourself, therefore I would like to know more of what you would like. Borders, Shadows, Objects and Effects.


The competition is being judged according to the number of hits your post has created on our network.

If you would like more information then go “write” ahead and Contact Us.

Wees ‘n DvG Model…


Om ‘n Model te wees op ons netwerk is baie maklik. Al wat jy hoef te doen is om my te kontak per epos: nols@dvg109.com – waar ek sal terugkom met meer inligting oor jou boodskap.

“DIS ALLES OOR DIE KUNS” om ‘n model te wees…


Ek wil graag meer UNIEKE fotos maak en daarvoor het ek jou hulp nodig. Ek wil hoor wat jy sal wil hê met jou foto.


Kontak My: nols@dvg109.com

Ek wil jou UNIEKE “memory” create en dan dit met ons netwerk deel. Om meer mense te inspereer, om ‘n model te wees en dalk selfs om idees te gee vir ander unieke kunste.

“private werk word ook gedoen.”

PS, jy kan FREE Wi-Fi by die DvG Studio kry.

As jy meer wil weet van ons netwerk “in Afrikaans” dan kontak my gerus by: nols@dvg109.com

get your own DvG t-shirt


My biggest dream is to manufacture a shirt the way you want. Well, if I design something then our logo will be shown somewhere in the design. “this is something that I am busy working with” but anyway. This post is for my idea of creating this shirt. For you to purchase when being a DvG Model, or maybe I’ll be giving a few away.


And I would like to share that I create things FREELANCE when having permission to create the work. In other words, if I have been asked to create something. But, I do not like using brands without the correct people knowing about it.


Would you like a shirt?

Basically, I like to create new images, photos, logos for you to share as you please. But, this post is about my shirt design and I can create your request for free. See, I work at a printing company. Therefore I know how printing companies work to make a profit and I give you the “write” to take my work and create a printout for yourself to use as you would like.

Anyway, I would like to have my own brand as well. So, I’m not sure about the cost of shirts at this moment. But would love for you to have a DvG shirt, so. If you would like to order a CUSTOM shirt then go “write” ahead and Contact Us via email: write@dvg109.com

As jy Afrikaans sprekend is, dan kan jy vir my direk kontak by: nols@dvg109.com

Where are the guys?


Hi guys *and girls*

As you hopefully already know. We have three entries for our Face of DvG competition.

The first entry we received is from Danelle… “she is our FOD for January” and second we received an entry from her cousin: Louise – Then we have a dear friend: Joané who’s in the battle to be the next Face of DvG.


But this post isn’t an advertisement for them. I would love to see some guys in the competition. Therefore, if you’re male and would like to be seen on our network of 5000+ subscribers. Then please go “write” ahead and Contact Us. With your selfshot photographs and more detail about yourself.



As jy Afrikaans is. Dan kan jy jou fotos en storie na nols@dvg109.com stuur.



I design images just4fun. When having the “write” to work on your images, it is a project for our Face of DvG competition. And it is free for you to be seen by our 5000+ subscribers.

You can SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE whatever you would like about yourself.

“IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ART” – #just4fun

#just4funI have had blokes complain that they will not be able to come to the DvG Studio, for a photo-shoot if they are selected to be the FOD. Well, I am grateful for any entries. Because the entries gives me the ability to display what I can do. And to give you a CUSTOM photo to share with your friends and family.

Anyway, what I have taken note of with the entry of Joané. Is that everyone has a love for something and I would like to know/show whatever you love with your entry.

Therefore, if you would like to be seen on our network. Then go “write” ahead and Contact Us with your request…



PS, if you would like some private work to be done to your photograph. Then a private edit can be arranged but there might be a little payment that will have to be made before any work can be done.

Anyway, you can send your photos and story to write@dvg109.com where you will be receiving a reply from someone in our team. Just to confirm that the message has been received. I will then be having a look at your message and reply if there is something I would like to discuss.

Joané Holtzhausen

Joané Holtzhausen

Hierdie is Joané, ou vriende van ons familie en ek is baie dankbaar vir die inskrywing. PS, dit sal geen bevoordeling beteken in ons Gesig van DvG kompetisie nie. Die kompetisie se stemme word volgens die totale “hits” wat die foto op ons netwerk kry.


Joané het dit te sê gehad met haar inskrywing: “Wie is ek? Well I’m just a plain jane that loves the outdoors. Mal oor movies en oor naweke rus. Familie is baie belangrik en my God is my eerste Proriteit.”

Joané HoltzhausenGelukkig ken ek die dame en met die inskrywing het ek haar gevra vir ‘n foto van haar kar. Joané ry oval soos haar pa en broer so dws dat ek darm weet sy het ‘n kar. Oja, sy is in Middelburg en ek wil maar net met die inskrywing weer sê dat die inskrywing ‘n “post” is op ons netwerk. Sodat ons kan sien hoeveel “hits” jou foto op ons netwerk kan maak. Dit is dalk ‘n bietjie vreemd maar asseblief deel meer inligting van jouself as jy besluit om in te skryf… Dan sal ek nie so baie vreemde nuus deel met jou inskrywing nie.

Die rede vir die vreemde nuus is omdat ek graag wil hê dat die “post” ‘n goeie “SEO rating” moet hê. As jy meer sal wil weet dan kontak my per epos: nols@dvg109.com

How to be a DvG Model?

DvG Model

Are you interested in being a DvG Model?


  • You can book your shoot at DvG productions from R300 or you can
  • Enter our Face of DvG competition and be seen on our network for free.


DvG Model

Contact Us via email: write@dvg109.com

I am a Graphic designer who loves creating things when having the “write” to create the work. However, the DvG Model is for me to share your images with some CUSTOM work that’s been done. To advertise the network…

However, if you only want me to capture your images or perhaps edit one of your own photographs. Then you also have the “write” to send your request via email: write@dvg109.com

Louise Grobler is re-entering our FOD competition


Louise is an Afrikaans lass, therefore the story she written about herself is in Afrikaans.

“Ek is Louise Grobler. Bly in Morgenzon. Ek werk by Bosbok apteek. Ek is n regte boere meisie. My hart lê opi plaas. Die stofpad is die pad na my toekoms . Skaap vang is vir my soos butterflys vang.”


Louise het my gevra om ‘n skaap in haar foto in te werk en ek is baie dankbaar dat daar gevra word.

LouiseWel, ek sal graag wil deel dat ek nie fotos vanaf Google “of wat ookal die netwerk is wat jy gebruik.” gebruik nie. Ek het so ‘n paar vector ontwerpe op my rekenaar wat ek gebruik. Of ek kan ook vir idees soek op Google maar ek gebruik nie die foto in my ontwerp nie.

Bietjie vreemd maar dit is maar my manier om goed te doen. As jy meer wil weet of selfs ook wil inskryf vir ons kompetisie. Dan stuur jou fotos met jou storie na nols@dvg109.com – Wie jy is, Waar jy werk ens…