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ATM is our way to ask your questions via our network. It is a way to get permission to create and publish your story or question. For you and others to view, comment and share with their own network. All questions that’s being asked in the mag will be anonymous.

This website is our virtual magazine. “A magazine that is virtual.” Where I publish all the advertisements, stories and designs. When  having the “write” to post the work… All of the questions that is being published will be anonymous and you can share the question with your network…


What is meant with this is that I create images using points, shapes and colors that fits the design. If you can explain what you want “or if you have an image that can help me create a cool design” then you can tell me and I will get to work on your post as soon as possible.

So, if you have something to ask, then you can go “write” ahead from this page.

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