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to ADVERTISE WITH DvG will give you a CUSTOM photo/advertisement on our network and will make you visible on Google… “or whatever search engine you use.”

I am a FREELANCE Photo editor and designer who does not use photographs where I do not have the “write” from the photographer or creator of the image/logo…


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I’m building a network where you have the “write” to SAY, SHARE or ADVERTISE what ever you would like by giving me the “write” to create the work. If we create a post then the post gets shared with our social networks. By sharing it with more networks we will be able to create a much bigger reach for you.

Lightning Labels

  • The thing with the internet is creating a name for yourself and if you Advertise with more than one website then the world will be able to find your product/service much easier…

So, if you’re the owner, creator “or just a re-seller” of a product/service and would like to advertise to the world then we’d love to help you advertise your product, service to the world with your own CUSTOM web-post on our network.

  • We will design and publish your advertisement onto our network in no time 🙂 All you have to do is Contact Us with more information about your product and/or service where we will do our best to send you a reply as soon as possible.

Contact Us “write” from our Contact Us page for your FREE quote on Photography, Graphic design or just creating a post on our network…