Advertise with DvG for free, TnC Apply…

To ADVERTISE WITH DvG is very easy.

All you need to do is keep reading. However, let me share the cost from the start. The cost for a post is R300.

This is if you trust me to create the post as discussed. “via WhatsApp, email or in person.”

Otherwise, we will have to adjust the cost a little. Anyway, I would like to activate a social network for you to be doing your own writing. But, for now you have to Contact Us to be seen on the network.

When I get the network activated then it means that you will have the power to create your own posts and groups.

But I am still working on this and until I am able to get this done. You have to tell me about your service, product or location that you would like to advertise.


You can Contact Me “write” from this post, when you keep scrolling down.

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get your CUSTOM photos done here – DvG109

PS, the network is Proudly South African and is managed from Ermelo, Mpumalanga… But I am a employed Graphic designer who is working a 9-5 day-job and I am creating CUSTOM work when I’m not at work… LOL. Anyway, thank you for reading my random network and if you would like to advertise then I will be sharing your post as much as what I can. To try and get few sales for you.

However, if you enter our Face of DvG competition

“or would not mind a STD Photograph on the network”

and you would like to advertise a product/service. Then you can go “write” ahead…